Become Active – Discover Independence

Badi – Become Active – Discover Independence

As a business we believe in giving back to the local community and have launched our “Become Active – Discover Independence” campaign and hope to work with local charity groups and schools to encourage outdoor activities that improve an individuals independence.

If you are a local Barry & District charity, school or activity group we would be interested in collaborating with you to encourage and help local youngsters to become more active by joining the local skating scene.

Badi intend to offer financial and product support through trading and fund raising activities in the Vale of Glamorgan which will help get the local youth out of the house and active in their local communities. We live in a beautiful area with many parks and coastal areas that can can be used for all sorts of activities but they are perfect for skating, skateboarding, scooters and cycling. As a business we hope to support these activities in any way possible as they can all be done as group activities or alone increasing an individuals independence.